Project Management & Systems Development

Project Management & Systems Development

Project Management & Expediting

Having your projects completed on time and to specification is paramount. Our deep understanding of manufacturing and construction processes, contracts, scheduling, subcontracting. provide you with clarity and adjustment tactics that deliver results. If you are having difficulty progressing your project as planned or you suspect the specification is being subverted talk to us.

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Repair Management

Whether the damage is being caused by normal wear and tear or some unexpected event or load case, HiVue will investigate and solve the root cause of the problem and provide and manage a permanent repair process.

Research and Development

New untried processes, consumables or materials with the promise of lower costs or better performance ? Reduce the risk with our technical review and management methodologies.

Dispute Resolution assistance

Welding/Application code –related contract matters. With a deep understanding of contract law coupled with extensive technical and code knowledge, you want us on your side during the resolution process.

NDT Management

NDT can be a significant expense in any project. Properly specify and manage NDT in order to achieve efficiency and compliance, qualification and procedure reviews, report reviews and auditing

Research Collaboration

Assisting researchers with cutting edge innovation, expediting through deep industry understanding and contacts.

Failure Analysis

The first step in rectification or replacement of failed equipment, provides a foundation for engineers to recheck calculations and perceived load cases , enabling future equipment reliability