Inspection & Auditing

Offshore inspection experience in over 30 countries

Inspection / Surveillance / Audit

Third party Inspection/Surveillance/Auditing – your systems or ours, independent, efficient, results orientated, same day reporting. From full time site presence to random surveillance inspections.

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Mechanical Testing Witnessing

Be confident what you spend on mechanical testing produces valid results and reports, with calibrated equipment and personnel, to the correct codes, with the correct testing parameters

Visual Examinations

Making sure its welded as specified, Coordinated with NDT provider, drawing inconsistencies addressed, same day photographic professional reporting, repairs and rectification solutions implemented and supervised.

Hydrostatic Testing Verification & Witnessing

know it’s been done right, competent and experienced personnel, calibration checks, direct monitoring, data analysis, photographic time stamped records.

Heat Treatment Monitoring & Surveillance 

competent and experienced personnel, direct monitoring, calibration checks, data analysis, photographic time stamped records

Weld Parameter Checking & Calibration

Are the WPS parameters being followed? Does the operator have and understand WPS? are the gauges calibrated? Correct consumable? These critical areas can be addressed by direct monitoring , training of operators and supervisors , spot checks, preventing HACC & low temp reduction of toughness (brittle fracture). WPSs developed for specific applications that improve reliability, quality , weldability and usability.

Dimensional Surveys

Will it fit on site? Key dimension and interfaces checked both before and after welding, state of the art equipment, cross checking of related dimensions, site measurements.